This hotel, aptly named "Eth Yahana" meaning Abode of the Elephants, is situated in Kataragama in the deep south of Sri Lanka. It was originally purchased in the year 2004. However, construction of the hotel commenced in 2010. Eth Yahana which is situated and nestling among the lush greenery of the Kataragama area caught the eye of its present owner who is a devout Buddhist and a strong devotee of God Kataragama. The architectural designs were done by famous architect Sampath Senarath Arachchige who also has the distinction of designing the lobby of Nelum Pokuna International theatre.

The hotel, which is the brainchild of its present owner has been built to cater to the many devotees who come to Kataragama on pilgrimages so that they can enjoy the eco-friendly environment and have a good rest too with local cuisine taking pride in place, prepared by well-qualified cooks to cater to any discerning palate both to the westerners as well as the local population.


Management consists of 2 Directors. The staff comprise 10 highly skilled, personnel who look forward to giving you the very best service from accommodation, food and any other requirements as requested by the guests.


Our mission is to serve the pilgrims who come to Kataragama on pilgrimage.

In doing so we believe that the people who come on pilgrimage get comfortable accommodation, and food at reasonable prices so that they will continue to patronize us.

In order to give entertainment to the children too, it is planned to build a modern swimming pool with star class service, pool guards etc. This is planned in order to cater to our long-standing and regular visitors and for their entertainment a comforts foremost in our minds.